Evolution at the edge

Evolution and adaptation to different environments seem like straightforward processes. If you treat bacteria to a low dose of antibiotics, chances are they’re going to evolve resistance. But this process isn’t as simple as it seems: different factors determine whether or not those bacteria will develop resistance. Continue reading “Evolution at the edge”

Get your glow on!

Coral reefs are truly a sight to behold. Did you know that coral depends entirely on another organism to survive? Well, it’s true– and what’s more, under stressful conditions, corals eject their symbiotic roommates. This is called coral bleaching, because they lose all their glorious colors in the process. Global warming is unfortunately causing severe bleaching events in reefs around the world, especially in the famed Great Barrier Reef.

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VOCs are in the air 💕

We can’t get enough of the intricacies of volatile organic compounds, whether they’re for communication among ants, communication between bacteria and fungishedding light on shaded plant leaves, or a means of sexual selection in moths. These volatiles are incredibly versatile, and new research published in the journal Evolution doesn’t disappoint. Continue reading “VOCs are in the air 💕”

Setting the standard

Have a look outside. What organisms do you see there? (For me, some squirrels and elm trees!) Now think about all the other kinds of places those animals might live in, with different climates than where you are: somewhere way hotter, or drier, or with less pronounced seasons. What about the animals there? What are they like?

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