Explorer’s Guide


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Bite-sized Science pieces are concise discussions of fundamental objectives, conclusions, and ramifications presented in an original research paper.

Animal Meet and Greets are profiles of animals we think are cool!

Key Concepts give an introduction to ideas that are essential to the study of evolutionary biology and ecology.

The Lab is a space for experimental science communication. We want to try out new materials, methods, and media for creatively expressing science. We accept content from guest posters here, so get in touch if you have an idea! Send us a quick email at: pineapplesandwhales@gmail.com

Shorts are short. That’s really their only defining feature.

and Sexy Stories, well, we wouldn’t be evolutionary biologists if we didn’t talk about sex. These infographics explore the biology of reproduction (e.g. chromosomes and meiosis and stuff, so don’t shy away from them!).

Now you know. Time to dive in!