Grad school: A day in the life

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A Concise Guide to Field Sticks

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a scientist with the good fortune to be doing fieldwork must be in want of a stick. Sticks are multifaceted, easy to use, functional tools that happen to be conveniently lying around on the ground (in most places). Yet, they come in as many shapes and sizes as there are stars in the sky. How ever is one to choose? Continue reading “A Concise Guide to Field Sticks”

On the role of stories in science

Way back in August 2017 when we hosted the IAmSciComm account, I said something that struck a nerve and generated some discussion… that the word storytelling and science don’t play well together. Hardly the first time this conversation was had on Twitter! Case in point, it happened again this weekend. And I still have thoughts. So here they are!

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