Mutant fruit flies

A cool new article is out in eLife about fruit fly mutants: more specifically the yellow ones. It’s open access, plus there’s a digest explaining what the team found in more detail for those non-geneticists out there. Check it out!

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Setting the standard

Have a look outside. What organisms do you see there? (For me, some squirrels and elm trees!) Now think about all the other kinds of places those animals might live in, with different climates than where you are: somewhere way hotter, or drier, or with less pronounced seasons. What about the animals there? What are they like?

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Pine-scented infographic

Oh man. Pine scent. Personally I’ve never wondered about the function of this delicious smell in nature. When you think about it, there’s no way trees produce these fragrant compounds for nothing! A new open access paper in Nature Geoscience looking into this mystery totally blew our minds… and so we drew it immediately. Yet another reason why volatile organic compounds are pretty much the coolest things EVER*! Continue reading “Pine-scented infographic”

Keepin’ up with the Spruces

The boreal forest, also called the taiga, is the northern forest that circles the globe and borders the arctic circle. There, hardy conifers like pine and spruce set up shop in the nutrient-poor soil. What affects their growth the most? Is it the temperature? Lack of water? Not enough sun? …Or is it something else? Find out below!

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