VOCs are in the air šŸ’•

We can’t get enough of the intricacies of volatile organic compounds, whether they’re for communication among ants, communication between bacteria and fungi,Ā shedding light on shaded plant leaves, or a means of sexual selection in moths. These volatiles are incredibly versatile, and new research published in the journalĀ Evolution doesn’t disappoint. Continue reading “VOCs are in the air šŸ’•”

Meiosis, modulated

Something cool is going on in the nematode worm Auanema rhodensis! Nematodes are tiny (0.1 – 2.5mm) roundworms that are found pretty much everywhere, many species of which are parasitic. The popular research species C. elegans (pictured below) is also a nematode, for reference. Continue reading “Meiosis, modulated”