Tree Squirrels of North America

For North Americans, squirrels (particularly eastern greys) are probably the most frequently encountered wildlife species. They’re everywhere, and they’re super cute. But did you know there are many more species of this charismatic critter than those most likely hanging out in your yard or local park? That’s not even counting ground squirrels or flying squirrels. And, not all of them like hanging around humans as much as eastern grey or fox squirrels. AND—get this—not all of them hoard acorns. In fact some of them don’t even eat acorns. Whaaaat!

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A tale of two squirrels

Until recently, North America had two native species of flying squirrel, the Northern flying squirrel and the Southern flying squirrel (such creative naming!). These two species are in the same genus, Glaucomys, and are closely related: so close, in fact, that in the northeast where their ranges overlap, they sometimes interbreed! But far, far away in the forests of the Pacific northwest dwells a mysterious population of Northern flying squirrels…and a group of scientists was determined to find out why. Continue reading “A tale of two squirrels”