Introducing: Narwhals, the fish stunners

Drones are being used more and more to study hard-to-record behaviour in elusive animals. Recently footage emerged of narwhals wagging their tusks from side to side in an (apparent) attempt to stun prey. Continue reading “Introducing: Narwhals, the fish stunners”


A tale of two squirrels

Until recently, North America had two native species of flying squirrel, the Northern flying squirrel and the Southern flying squirrel (such creative naming!). These two species are in the same genus, Glaucomys, and are closely related: so close, in fact, that in the northeast where their ranges overlap, they sometimes interbreed! But far, far away in the forests of the Pacific northwest dwells a mysterious population of Northern flying squirrels…and a group of scientists was determined to find out why. Continue reading “A tale of two squirrels”