Rare plants can’t compete

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Singin’ in the prairie

Noise pollution is becoming (ok, already is) a problem in cities. Traffic, construction, people yelling: you name it, it’s probably noisy. Cities aren’t the only places where humans make noise, though. Even in more rural areas, industrial projects, airports, oilfields, etc. raise quite a racket. Continue reading “Singin’ in the prairie”

Keepin’ up with the Spruces

The boreal forest, also called the taiga, is the northern forest that circles the globe and borders the arctic circle. There, hardy conifers like pine and spruce set up shop in the nutrient-poor soil. What affects their growth the most? Is it the temperature? Lack of water? Not enough sun? …Or is it something else? Find out below!

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Beetles in color!

J.B.S. Haldane once remarked that if there is a creator, they must have an inordinate fondness for beetles. Hundreds of thousands of beetle species have been named; by contrast, there are only about 60,000 described species of vertebrates*. Naturally, the sheer number and diversity of beetles out there is of great interest to biologists.

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