Our mission

We met working at a publisher where we soon discovered a mutual fascination with art, and all things ecology and evolutionary biology. We’re big proponents of open access, and want to take it a step further by making research papers accessible to a wide audience by creating infographics. And so Pineapples and Whales was born!

Who is Daisy?

Daisy (PhD) is an evolutionary biologist who loves to talk about algae. Unfortunately, algae isn’t something many people want to hear about, so she’ll have to content herself with drawing it. Daisy also drinks tepid tea and we pretend that’s okay.

We want to know more about Chloé.

Chloé prefers her tea piping hot although you will never find her in a hot climate. Perhaps that is the reason she has sought out the coldest location possible for her PhD on squirrels. Chloé will gladly draw any living organism whether she loves them (foxes and dogs) or secretly dislikes them (goldfish); she has a lot of drawings of goldfish.

We both like our tea the way we like our chocolate: dark and plentiful.

So why pineapples and whales?

Why those specific fruit and cetaceans?

After months of deep pondering, clever puns and good honest procrastination the words just popped into our heads. Neither is sure who said it first but for no reason whatsoever it stuck. We do love whales but Daisy is on the fence about pineapples.

We won’t lie – we did think about algae and ammonia. Great alliteration but not quite as attractive as pineapples and whales.

Have fun exploring the site!

If you enjoy our work, feel free to buy us a cuppa tea.