[Lab] Microscopic coloring book

Ladies and Germs (and whoever else is reading),

We made a coloring book. And not just any coloring book.

It’s a microbiology-themed coloring book in collaboration with the open access journal Frontiers in Microbiology! Their journal is broken up into a nice collection of different areas of micro research (from clinical to ecological/environmental), so we took to the drawing board and let ourselves be inspired by the various sections.

Now anybody can sit back, relax, and color in smiling prokaryotes and the eukaryotes they hang around.

Download the fruits of our labor here!

For added effect, you can print it as a booklet in the printing options. Then you’re all set! We would love to see your creations, so if you do end up making some art please please tweet it with #ColorMeMicrobe.

Color away, everyone! Let your inner child (or your actual child) run freeee

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